Company Profile

Goodmax Packing is a division of Goodmax International Group, located in mainland China.  We specialize in the manufacture and export of woven Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) bags, used to ship flowable products around the world.


Being a direct manufacturer not only allows us to provide products at a lower cost, but also allows us to be involved completely in the process from start to finish.  From the design table of our factory, to the door of your facilities, we are able to provide assurance in the quality and supply line.


We understand that while you are looking to cut costs, you may be uncertain of what to expect when sourcing from China.  It is therefore our pledge to provide our customers not simply with a bag, but with comprehensive customer service through a consultative approach.  In summation, cost savings with confidence.


Mission Statement


Our mission is to distinguish ourselves from the competition by saving companies money and providing them the best value for their bulk packaging needs.  This is to be achieved through lower costs, innovation within the industry, and a total commitment to quality standards and customer service.



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