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Q. What does FIBC stand for?
A. Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers

Q. What are FIBCs?
A. Also known as bulkbags, big bags or tote bags, FIBCs are woven polypropylene containers designed to hold large quantities of product, from 500kg up to 3,000kg.

Q. What are FIBCs made from?
A. FIBCs are manufactured from woven polypropylene with a variety of different dimensions, filling, discharging and lifting facilities.

Q. How safe are FIBCs?
A. At Goodmax Packing, all FIBCs are regularly tested and their safety factor can be up to 5:1 or 6:1. 

Q. What is you company's policy on quality assurance?
A. Quality is fundamental and Goodmax Packing have an in house Quality Assurance system of auditing performance, ensuring that the customer is supplied to specification.

Q. Are FIBCs easy to handle?
A. Very - FIBCs do not require specialised handling equipment. Most common handling apparatus includes standard forklift, pallet truck or crane.

Q. Because they are fabric and not steel, are FIBCs easily damaged?
A. Although polypropylene is one of the strongest man-made fabrics available, just like rigid bulk containers, FIBCs can be damaged if carelessly handled. It is important that your equipment is regularly checked. For example, forklift truck tines with rough edges may damage the FIBC. If handled correctly, FIBCs can be used successfully for many trips.

Q. Are FIBCs stable?
A. Once the product has settled, FIBCs are very stable. Depending on the specific gravity/fill density of the product, it may be necessary to remove some of the air after filling before stacking the bags, particularly if the bag has an internal liner. It is recommended that the height does not exceed twice the width of the bag to assist stability.

Q. Are FIBCs stackable?
A. When filled with most products, FIBCs can be stacked in a warehouse 2 or 3 high. The stability and height of the stack is dependent on the product being transported, together with the handling equipment available. It may be preferable to stack 'pyramid' style depending on the stability of the product itself.

Q. What about second hand bags?
A. We do not recommend the use of second hand bags.

Q. What about  dense product, which does not discharge easily?
A. We can offer a cone base, which will assist discharging or even full bottom opening bags.

Q. What about re-using bags?
A. This practice is perfectly acceptable in a closed loop facility where valeting and inspection are part of the process.


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